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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hudson's On The Green

Place: Hudson’s On The Green
Location: 80 North Main Street, Hudson, OH 44236 Google Maps

Quick Blurb:
Hudson’s On The Green is lounge style diner located at Hudson’s First and Main plaza. Friendly staff and decent food will make me want to return and give their dinner menu a go, although it doesn’t vary much from the one we had at Lunch.


Hudson’s has a friendly atmosphere that takes you back a few decades. The lighting is a little low, dark colors everywhere and booths that remind me of a saloon. The bar, while small, is full of character – it looks as though a lot of good conversations have taken place. The seats were comfortable and the table at a good height. Sometimes when you sit in booths, there either is not enough room between the chairs and table, or the table is at an awkward height. For those reasons, I prefer a table – although come to think of it, I don’t recall any tables at Hudson’s. Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention.

I really enjoyed everyone who waited on us at Hudson’s. The hostess showed us our table (booth) and waited for everyone to sit before passing out the menus – which I do appreciate as opposed to them trying to wiggle in and place the menus down before promptly rushing away.

Our waitress was super busy when we first arrived and politely told us she would be just a couple of minutes, instead of leaving us sitting there wondering what was going on. She gladly took our drink orders and did not rush us with ordering appetizers or main meals immediately – thank you! She was prompt, checked in on us when needed and was quick on the draw with refilling drinks (soda). Sometimes at restaurants, you’re left sucking the last life out of your glass during your main meal and straining your neck to make eye contact with your server – not here.

They had a minimal selection of draft beers, but they had Stella and Great Lakes Dortmunder as two of the selections, and that’s good enough for me.

The sodas were served in giant glasses – combined with frequent refills – you weren’t left feeling thirsty at all.

House Chips: Spiral cut chips topped with bacon, tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese and scallions, finished with a balsamic glaze.

These were by far the best part of the meal, both in terms of taste and presentation – agreed by everyone at the table. The chips were thinly cut and cooked to a medium brown – then you had the bacon, tomatoes, cheese and scallions as toppings. BUT – these were not just toppings, but rather inclusions.

Let me explain: When you go to a place and order nachos. They give you nachos with all the toppings right on top. So the bottom chips usually are bare and left to scrounge up what minimal toppings are left from when you loaded up the first chips. At Hudson’s, it’s as if they tossed the chips and toppings together and the result was a delicious mélange which was never short on the combined flavors of each ingredient.

The bacon was cooked all the way through and you didn’t have those cheap fatty pieces in the mix, just the ‘good stuff’. The glaze was not obnoxious – a little drizzle over the top was all that was done. I will be ordering this again next time.

Lobster and Shrimp Flatbread: Lobster cream sauce topped with Lobster, Shrimp, Fontina and Cheddar cheese.

Sounds great; but I was left being slightly disappointed. The flatbread had a distinct flavor to it that I did not like. It wasn’t a spice flavor, but something distinct in the dough. The cream sauce left a little to be desired as well. It was creamy, but was missing something. You will never find me adding salt to any dishes in restaurants or at home, I’m somewhat afraid of it, but realize its importance. That said, I think I should have added some salt to the sauce, it was a little bland. The lobster pieces were good, but the shrimp didn’t taste fresh; not bad, but not fresh. So overall, ‘eh’.

People around me got the Strawberry Salad and the Cibatta Club. The salad had cut up strawberries on the sides, but they looked a little dry, as if it was made ahead of time and was sitting in the fridge waiting to be served. They did taste sweet, I was told, but the presentation wasn’t there. The club was a double layer and I had a bite, it was ok. Typical club sandwhich with turkey that would have been better if it was smoked turkey or pepper turkey; anything to spice it up a notch.

Covered this earlier. Beer selection was minimal, but somewhat fit the style of the place. The sodas were great – large and replenished often.

A neat place that I’ll go again if even just to have a beer and those house chips. I’m a little hesitant in their main meals though. They have a burger selection, but I’m worried that it would be a little on the greasy side and cause me to taste it all day long, just like Pub Bricco. I’ll be back and write a review of the dinner side.

Go try the chips…

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