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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Diamond Deli

Place: Diamond Deli
Location: 378 South Main Street, Akron, OH‎ Google Maps

Quick Blurb:

Take a walk around lunch time on South Main Street, between East Exchange and West Cedar, and you will most likely see a bunch of people waiting in line outside a place called The Diamond Deli.

What is this Diamond Deli? Hands down, the best place to go for a sandwich in Akron. Go early or bring some good conversation as you wait in line; worth the wait.



Once inside, the hustle ‘n bustle of the sandwich creators, along with the diner décor, makes you believe as if you were in downtown Manhattan. Stacks of fresh bread and large pots of homemade soup line the ordering aisle. The chalk board menu listing the unique sandwich names has a familiar feeling. Despite the waves of people coming in and out, the place is always clean.


Genuine. Down-to-earth. Customer focused. The deli family is always eager to serve its customers with a friendly smile. If your order takes longer than it does to pay – grab a seat and they will personally walk your food to you.



My wife swears by their broccoli salad. I have tried it and agree it is delicious, but I do not have anything else to compare it to. If you enjoy broccoli salad, be sure to give this a go.


You can get almost every combination of cold cuts and veggies between bread at this place. They are reknown for their corned beef and from what I hear it is a fair statement. I’m not much of a corned beef person, so I’ve tested out other options:

1) Where’s Jason – Turkey, avocado, mayo, lettuce, cheese: Best turkey sandwich I’ve had. The avocado is fresh and sliced before your eyes. Heck, everything is fresh and sliced before you as you wait in line. It’s great

2) Malone’s Shuffle the Buffalo – Grilled chicken, Havarti cheese, Blue cheese, banana peppers, buffalo sauce, put in the Panini grill to melt the cheese. This has been my favourite for the past 5 visits. I can’t bring myself to eat anything else once I think about the melted blue cheese and havarti cheeses, buffalo chicken flavor and then the tart and bite of the banana peppers. Quite the combo.


Soft drinks are available as are some bottle beers and specialty sodas (eg Jones Soda).


Fan of carrot cake? Get a slice here and you’ll be “mmmm-ing” for a while.


If you go over lunch time, get there around 11:30 and the wait won’t be long. That said, if you see a line and think it’s too long, stand in it anyway; the line moves fast and the food is well worth it.

Oh, and if it’s your first time visiting, be sure to tell them when you get up to the ordering counter!

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